Chiropractic Care

Assisting You in Accomplishing Optimal Health

At Dr. Kroll’s Health Solutions & Disc Center we are dedicated to assisting you in accomplishing optimal health and wellness through natural treatments and therapies.

Dr. Kroll will devise a personalized plan tailored specifically to your needs so that you can live comfortably. Contact us for an appointment today.

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Treatment That Will Work Wonders for You

Visit us if pain interferes with what you can do or feel. If you have neck pain, headaches, back problems, sciatica, or arthritis, our experienced doctor offers different modalities that tackle the root of your discomfort and restores function to your nervous system.

These treatments include manual adjustments based on spinal movements with specific hand techniques, instrument chiropractic care, and exercises for postural rehabilitation.

Your Welcoming First Visit

Your first visit will start with a consultation and examination of your spine, called an evaluation or diagnostic process. We’ll then do some tests to identify any joint issues you may have, such as misalignments in the vertebrae or disc problems. Our doctor will then provide recommendations for care tailored to your needs. Dr. Brian A. Kroll D.C. has over 32 years in helping you feel better from head to toe.